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Composing Elixir Functions

Function composition is a technique used to build complex functions out of simpler ones. Elixir does not provide a mechanism for composing two functions into a new function. Let's play with that a little and see what can be done.

On Elixir's Deprecation of Barewords

I subscribe to the Elixir language core mailing list as a means of keeping my finger on the pulse of the language. A post of particular interest has recently fired up the discussion. Elixir 1.4 introduces a warning for function invocation without parenthesis. This style, commonly referred to as “barewords” makes variables and zero-arity function invocations look syntactically identical.

ElixirConf: Elixir in Elixir

Honored to have been given the opportunity to speak at ElixirConf 2016! Hit the basics of metaprogramming in Elixir. You may also want to check out the post Getting Started with Metaprogramming in Elixir.

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