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Open Graph Protocol

My annoyance at how links were being displayed in Slack finally reached a tipping point. They had to be more useful than they were being. TIL Open Graph.

Elixir Pending Tests

Recently I’ve been playing with Elixir in my spare time. It’s a dynamic, functional programming language built atop the Erlang virtual machine. I try to practice TDD when writing software to encourage flexible designs. One habit of mine is writing out many tests early about how I imagine a thing to work. Of course all these tests fail initially which can be overwhelming when run together. It’s much more desirable to focus on one failing test at a time throughout the red, green, refactor process.

An Adventure in Hacking Arduino Firmata with NeoPixels

Learn ALL the things! That’s basically the motto at Big Nerd Ranch. And in my last post, I wrote about how my team, The Artists Formally Known As (╯°□°)╯︵ ɥsɐןɔ, learned a lot of new things when we tackled hardware hacking with Arduino, NeoPixels and Artoo.

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