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OSCON: Building Elixir Phoenix

Honored to have been given the opportunity to speak again at OSCON in 2017! It was a really fun talk to put together, where I live code a small subset of the behavior of the Elixir Phoenix web application framework. You can find the code on GitLab.

Code BEAM SF: Elixir in Elixir

Honored to have been given the opportunity to speak at Code BEAM SF 2018! Hit the basics of metaprogramming in Elixir. You may also want to check out the post Getting Started with Metaprogramming in Elixir.

Effective Testing with RSpec 3

If you know me, you know I have opinions about testing software. I’ve been writing software for over ten years now. The single most important skill that I have picked up is writing automated tests. It helps make our work more predictable and increases confidence to make changes. Heck, it’s even fun! If you haven’t used tests to drive a feature, check out my workshop from RailsConf.

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