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OSCON: A Less Complex Web with Ratchet and Jank

Honored to have been given the opportunity to speak at OSCON 2017! This is a talk about the complexity of web development and some ideas to avoid it. You can find the slides on Speakerdeck.

Composing Elixir Functions

Function composition is a technique used to build complex functions out of simpler ones. Elixir does not provide a mechanism for composing two functions into a new function. Let's play with that a little and see what can be done.

On Elixir's Deprecation of Barewords

I subscribe to the Elixir language core mailing list as a means of keeping my finger on the pulse of the language. A post of particular interest has recently fired up the discussion. Elixir 1.4 introduces a warning for function invocation without parenthesis. This style, commonly referred to as “barewords” makes variables and zero-arity function invocations look syntactically identical.

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