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Better LiveView Tests

LiveView is great, but sometimes tests are hard to read and write.


You know what doesn’t win friends? Calling people liars. Oh well, truth is truth, right? Yep. But what happens when you dilute the truth a little bit? It reminds me of an analogy my wife shared with me.


I haven’t posted much online in awhile. My last post here was mid-2019. You see, 2019 was a transformational year for me. I backed off from speaking and travel and focused my time and attention at home on my family. It has been wonderful! As the year progressed, I realized that another significant source of distraction for me was social media. It wasn’t doing me any good (and I didn’t yet full appreciate how much bad it was doing). So I signed out, deleted apps, and stopped using the services completely as the year rolled over to 2020.

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