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Feature Tours

You write tests that serve many different purposes. On one end of the spectrum, there are “unit tests” which isolate small units of behavior in your code to drive out a well-factored design. At the other extreme there are “feature” or “acceptance” tests that allow you to automate the use of a system as a user of it. These tests are great for specifying the system behavior of a feature. However, you sometimes still choose to isolate each use case of a feature in its own example. That’s where feature tours come in.

TEDx: Remotely Productive

What a blast it was to talk about a subject that is so important to me: remote work! There’s no doubt that it’s changed my life for the better. You can do it too!

OSCON: Building Elixir Phoenix

Honored to have been given the opportunity to speak again at OSCON in 2017! It was a really fun talk to put together, where I live code a small subset of the behavior of the Elixir Phoenix web application framework. You can find the code on GitLab.

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